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Step into the realm of transformative healing with EMDR at A&C Family Therapy, where distressing memories find solace. Crafted to diminish the emotional charge associated with past experiences, EMDR introduces a unique approach to therapy. Picture recalling specific memories while guided by a therapist through lateral eye movements, fostering an environment where these experiences can be safely explored, discussed, and stripped of their power to induce anxiety. Beyond symptom alleviation, EMDR embodies our commitment to holistic well-being, unlocking the potential for profound healing and growth in each individual. Trust in the evidence-based efficacy of this therapy, an integral part of our comprehensive approach to trauma treatment.

Explore the transformative potential of EMDR, a specialized therapy crafted to alleviate the distress associated with Trauma

EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a psychotherapy technique designed to relieve the distress associated with disturbing memories. EMDR involves recalling a specific troublesome experience while following a side-to-side visual stimulus delivered by the therapist. The resulting lateral eye movements are thought to help reduce the emotional charge of the memory so that the experience can be safely discussed, digested, and stripped of the power to trigger anxiety and avoidance.

EMDR is based on the idea that negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are the result of unprocessed memories. The treatment involves standardized procedures that include focusing simultaneously on spontaneous associations of traumatic images, thoughts, emotions and bodily sensations and bilateral stimulation that is most commonly in the form of repeated eye movements.

EMDR is included in several evidence-based guidelines for the treatment of PTSD and other forms of trauma.

Reducing Emotional Charge

EMDR diminishes the emotional intensity of traumatic memories

Part of Evidence-Based Trauma Treatment

EMDR is endorsed in evidence-based guidelines for treating PTSD and various forms of trauma.

Unlocking Healing Potential

EMDR not only addresses symptoms but it unlocks healing potential within individuals, providing a pathway to process challenging experiences.

Addressing Unprocessed Memories

EMDR is founded on the premise that negative thoughts, feelings, and behaviors stem from unprocessed memories.

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