Our Commitment to the Community

Active & Connected is Committed to Providing Accessible Mental Health Care To All Communities

Active & Connected is rooted in the idea that people must be active and connected to our community to thrive. Moreover, it is important to us to offer mental health care to the entirety of our community. As such, we lead the following large initiatives alongside smaller projects in our communities:

  1. Offer affordable therapy options for individuals across the state while providing the highest level training and supervision opportunities for therapists.
  2. Serve on boards for non-profit entities promoting mental health for youth with high mental health needs.
  3. Provide targeted interventions for populations at-risk4.
  4. Create and fund A&C Social Justice Fund, aimed at increasing mental health care for people of color by people of color (if they choose).

The strength of our team allows us to provide a range of services to our communities that we are proud of… and can only offer because we work together! 

Social Justice Fund

Given racial unrest and the disproportionate impact of the pandemic on people of color, more members of the BIPOC community are inquiring about mental health treatment than ever before.  Unfortunately, there is a disparity between the number of BIPOC clients and BIPOC clinicians – whereas 13.4% of the American population is black, only 4.1% of therapists are. And while racial match is not necessarily a prerequisite for effective therapy, many people of color acknowledge preferring a clinician who understands their current struggles better than a white therapist.

Because of the great need, BIPOC therapists often feel compelled to provide services for BIPOC clients.  Unfortunately, there is a well-documented racial wealth gap and clinicians who serve more BIPOC clients are also paid at a lower rate. This pattern further contributes to economic inequality, therapist burnout, and fewer people of color receiving treatment from people who look like them.

The Social Justice Fund at Active and Connected Family Therapy aims to reach three goals:

  1. Help more people of color receive mental health treatment from therapists of color
  2. Increase accessibility to mental health services for people of color by providing sliding-scale services 
  3. Increase the pay for clinicians of color by using the Social Justice Fund to pay up to their full rate

The Social Justice Fund is currently supported by A&C Family Therapy.  If you are interested in donating to this important cause, please email us at hello@activeconnected.com.

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