Fostering resilience and recovery in the aftermath of trauma.

Aversive childhood experiences, singular Traumatic events, and repetitive wounds to our attachment system can lead to distressing beliefs about our ‘self’ and how we relate to our current environments.

We can find ourselves in patterns of avoidance with people or environments, having distressing and overwhelming dreams, and intrusive thoughts and sensations that make us alter our interactions in this world.

These things can lead us to feelings of being fearful or stressed in interactions with others.

You can often experience ‘flooding’ of these memories through somatic pain (i.e., rapid heartbeats in the chest), and/or in images that repeatedly play throughout the day, or during times when you’re trying to find rest/relaxation. 

Trauma can stem from tough childhood experiences, sudden scary events, or repeated emotional hurt.

Trauma can deeply impact self-perception and interaction with the world.

Patterns of avoidance and distressing dreams are common in trauma survivors.

Intrusive thoughts and bodily sensations often disrupt daily life for those with trauma.

Trauma can lead to intense stress in daily interactions and physical symptoms like rapid heartbeats or recurring images.

Fostering growth through connection.

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