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Experienced, empathetic care for unique overseas challenges.

Navigating life overseas comes with unique challenges, especially for US Foreign Service Officers and their families. A&C’s Teletherapy International Team, comprised of therapists experienced in global living, understands the intricacies of such a lifestyle. From language barriers and frequent relocations to dealing with the unexpected, they offer tailored therapy to support and guide you through the nuances of international living, ensuring a sense of stability and understanding in every new place you call home.

Tailored teletherapy for US Foreign Service Officers and families.

Experienced team understands overseas challenges.

Support for the unique upheavals of international living.

Counseling for the sense of loss and transition.

Creating stability in a life of movement.

Tailored support for US officers & families abroad.

The A&C Teletherapy — International Team provides individual, family, and couples therapy for United States Foreign Service Officers and adult family members directly connected to US Embassies overseas.

We get it and we’ve been there! The therapists on our International Team are all State Department, Military, or other Federal agency family members who have, themselves, been posted overseas.

We understand what it’s like to show up and not know the language, to have to start fresh with each tour, to wonder how you’ll build a life for yourself (and your family!) in each new place. We get the upheaval and trauma that can come from a last minute evacuation, an illness that pulls you from post, difficult and sometimes life-altering personal and professional decisions, and the sense of loss that can come from being far from home.

We are here to support you through these experiences and to provide a stable place to get help from people who speak your language.

Fostering growth through connection.

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