Eating disorders

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Eating disorders are psychological conditions characterized by unhealthy, obsessive, or disordered eating habits.

Eating disorders come with both emotional and physical symptoms and include anorexia nervosa (voluntary starvation), bulimia nervosa (binge-eating followed by purging), binge-eating disorder (binge-eating without purging), and other or unspecified eating disorders (disordered eating patterns that do not fit into another category).

Eating disorders may create additional medical problems and can even be acutely life-threatening, requiring hospitalization and forced nourishment.

It often takes multidisciplinary teams of health professionals—including psychotherapists, medical doctors, and specialized dietitians or nutritionists—to bring about full recovery.

Eating disorders manifest as obsessive or unhealthy eating habits with serious consequences.

Conditions range from anorexia and bulimia to binge-eating and unspecified eating patterns.

Complications from eating disorders can be severe, even life-threatening.

Recovery often requires a team approach, including therapy, medical care, and nutrition advice.

Holistic treatment plans are vital for long-term recovery from eating disorders.

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