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The A&C blog provides smart and relatable insight on issues related to our mental health.  From personal stories from our leaders, reviews of the A&C Families Podcast, and psycho-education on current events, our blog offers our readers quick and thoughtful ways to get a little more Active and Connected in their lives!

The A&C Families Podcast

Active & Connected Families podcast is a smart, conversational guide to help you and your family feel more active and connected in your daily lives. Your host, Amanda Sovik-Johnston, will tackle the small problems that sometimes get in our way (fighting about laundry… again?) as well as the bigger, more complicated mental health challenges facing our teenagers today.

Amanda is a child psychologist, mom of three boys, entrepreneur, national champion swimmer, wife, and an expert at creating fun with a dash of perspective and plenty of wisdom.

You will laugh and sometimes cry with Amanda and her expert guests. Subscribe to the A&C Families podcast and you’ll always learn something unique and useful about how you can become a better person, as well as a better parent!

News & Articles

As leaders in the field, A&C therapists and psychiatrists frequently offer their expertise for local and regional news sources.  We are always happy to amplify efforts towards improving the mental health of our community. For inquiries, please contact us!

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