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Embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery with A&C Family Therapy’s comprehensive psychological evaluations, meticulously designed to illuminate the intricate aspects of your or your loved one’s mental and emotional well-being.

Tailored for all ages, from children to older adults, our assessments delve into a spectrum of concerns, offering a detailed “road map” that not only identifies strengths and weaknesses but provides supported diagnoses and invaluable recommendations for treatment.

Led by Dr. Megan Cheatham, our assessments are available in various locations, ensuring accessibility, while the Telemed option extends our reach across the entirety of Virginia.

Through a seamless five-step process, we guide you toward a profound understanding of your mental landscape, fostering empowerment and paving the way for informed decisions on your well-being journey.

Uncover a roadmap to understanding your strengths, weaknesses, and potential treatment recommendations with comprehensive psychological evaluations, expertly tailored for children, adults, and older adults.

A&C Family Therapy offers comprehensive psychological evaluations (assessments) for children, adults, and older adults. These include assessments for autism, learning disorders, ADHD, academic achievement concerns, anxiety, mood disorders, personality functioning, long COVID symptoms, and developmental delays.

We also provide neuropsychological evaluations as well as psychoeducational testing. 

Assessments for children and college students

For children, assessments can be helpful in communicating a student’s strengths and weaknesses to other providers and professionals in the student’s life. They are frequently required to identify ADHD and learning disabilities for Individualized Education Plans (often conducted by the schools), 504s, and/or accommodations for the SAT’s or colleges.

They can also be used as additional information for physicians when managing an individual’s medication.

Admissions testing

Admissions testing is often requested by private schools and consists of an IQ measure and sometimes educational or achievement testing in reading, written language, and math.

Appointment times typically range from one to four hours.

Assessments for adults and older adults

We provide a highly detailed “road map” of the client and how they interact with themselves, their world, and others. The assessment can identify areas of strength and weakness, supported diagnoses, and recommendations for treatment.

Evaluators and Locations

Megan Cheatham, Psy.D. provides assessments face-to-face in Charlottesville, Crozet, Lynchburg, Falls Church, Richmond, and Virginia Beach.

She offers assessments via Telemed across the state of Virginia.

Roadmap of the Assessment Process 

Step 1: Interview

The evaluator meets with the client and, if under 18, their parent(s)/guardian. The goal of this session is to develop a strong understanding of the purpose of the assessment, or the question(s) we would like to answer, as well as gather relevant history.  Dr. Cheatham sends an intake form to be completed and returned to her prior to this session in order to guide the interview. For children and adolescents, interviews are usually conducted ahead of testing via telehealth, and typically last about an hour. For adults, interviews are typically conducted on testing day.

 Step 2: Testing

The evaluator will conduct various assessments to learn more about you or your child.  These include paper and pencil activities, questionnaires, listening activities, and some work on the computer. The flexible assessment battery is determined based on the questions that need to be answered and other factors, like age. Depending on the type of testing, this session can last 2-6 hours.  

Step 3: Understanding Results

Once all of the information has been collected and the tests have been scored, the evaluator integrates and interprets the data.  With the original questions in mind, Dr. Cheatham writes a report that includes background history, test results with interpretation, strengths and weaknesses, clinical impressions, and recommendations for future treatment, lifestyle changes, and/or academic accommodations.

Step 4: Feedback and the Report

Dr. Cheatham meets with the client and/or parents/guardians in order to discuss the results of the evaluation, provide recommendations, and answer questions. This is typically conducted via telehealth and lasts up to 1 hour. Following the feedback session, brief edits may be made to the report, and the report will be released to the client or their parent/guardian following fee remittance. The report can be shared with other entities (e.g., school, other providers) at the individual’s discretion. Dr. Cheatham remains available via email to answer any additional questions that may arise following the feedback session. 


Comprehensive Assessments for All Ages

A&C Family Therapy offers thorough psychological evaluations for children, adults, and older adults

Tailored Assessments for Children and College Students

Essential for identifying ADHD and learning disabilities, often required for Individualized Education Plans (IEPs), 504s, and accommodations for SATs or college admissions

Admissions Testing Expertise

Admissions testing, requested by private schools, involves IQ measures and educational testing in reading, written language, and math

Thorough Process

We have a very specific 5 step assessment process that gives us the comprehensive overview of the person

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