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We provide personalized and integrated psychiatric care to help children, teens, and adults struggling with depression, anxiety, ADHD, mood disorders, and other areas of concern.  Our commitment to your well-being goes beyond medication management appointments, as our team of experts focus on understanding and addressing the diverse needs of each individual. As physicians and nurse practitioners, we incorporate our understanding of mental health, lifestyle, family dynamics, medicine, and the body to provide you or your child with evidence-based care. Our collaborative approach with A&C therapists seamlessly integrates our treatment plan, ensuring that every intervention is not just attentive but holistically effective. At A&C, it’s about more than mental health; it’s about real relationships, real solutions, and a genuine commitment to helping you and your family thrive.   

Discover tailored psychiatric care that revolves around you and your family’s unique needs

A&C Family Therapy partners with Dr. Robert Johnston, Dr. Abbey McLean and Dr. Justin Smith offering psychiatry appointments for children, teens, and adults across Virginia and North Carolina.  The team offers thorough assessments, consultation, and medication management that is centered around each patient and, when applicable, their family.  As a part of A & C, our psychiatrists collaborate regularly with therapists on our patient’s behalf so that we can provide the most attentive and effective intervention, together. 

Comprehensive Mental Health Care

Our psychiatrists go beyond routine appointments & personalized medication management.

Collaborative Approach for Optimal Results

Regular collaboration guarantees the most effective interventions, fostering a supportive environment for our clients.

Patient-Centered Care

Every patient is unique, and our psychiatrists tailor their approach to each individual’s needs.

Real Relationships, Real Solutions

Our psychiatrists are not just experts – they are compassionate individuals dedicated to helping you and your family navigate the complexities of mental health with care and understanding.

Abbey McLean, MD, Psychiatrist
Lynchburg, Raleigh, Teletherapy
Client Focus
Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Adults 65+, Foreign Service
Justin Smith, DO, Psychiatrist
Client Focus
Teens, Young Adults
Robert Johnston, MD, Psychiatrist
Charlottesville - Boar's Head, Teletherapy
Client Focus
Children 0-5, Children 6-9, Children 10-12, Adults
Tavi Schlueter, CPNP-PC, PMHS
Richmond, Teletherapy
Client Focus
Children 6-9, Children 10-12, Teens, Young Adults

Fostering growth through connection.

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