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From hoarding to handwashing to forever checking the stove, OCD (Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) takes many forms. It is an anxiety disorder that traps people in repetitive thoughts and behavioral rituals that can be completely disabling.

OCD most often manifests during adolescence or early adulthood. Scientists believe that both a neurobiological predisposition and environmental factors jointly cause the unwanted, intrusive thoughts and the compulsive behavior patterns that appease those unwanted thoughts.

Both pharmacological and behavioral approaches—particularly Exposure and Response Prevention—have proven to be effective treatments that allow people with OCD to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

OCD manifests in various ways, from physical rituals to persistent intrusive thoughts.

Intrusive thoughts in OCD are unwanted and often distressing, impacting daily life.

Typically emerging in adolescence, it stems from neurological and environmental factors.

Effective treatments include pharmacological and behavioral therapies like Exposure and Response Prevention.

People with OCD can lead fulfilling lives with proper treatment and support.

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