In a world that’s set up to constantly grab and hold our attention, it’s hard to take time for ourselves and our families sometimes. Our phone keeps bleeping and Social Media apps do everything they can to keep us on the app as long as possible. If you’ve ever asked yourself: ‘Is this the person we want to be?’, today’s podcast episode is for you. 

Gaining clarity on who we want to be as a person and as a parent feels hard in the confusing world we live in. Do we want to be the parent who’s on their phone all the time or the parent who takes time for connection and does things that make us feel good? The answer is probably a no-brainer but how do we actually live up to this? 

Today’s guest on the podcast is Damon Eddy, a transformation coach specializing in helping people move from confusion to clarity and he’s here to share his insights with us! Get ready to start gaining clarity in who you want to be!

“The small little choices that we can make over time,
can give us the results that we want.”
– Damon Eddy

In this episode on gaining clarity in a confusing world, we cover:

  • How our current world is set up to constantly grab our attention;
  • The effect Social Media has on our well-being;
  • How to start looking for clarity in our busy lives;
  • Becoming aware of the person you want to be;
  • In order to grow you have to learn;
  • The difference between growing and being productive;
  • Communicating our needs with our spouse;
  • And much more!

If you’ve ever asked yourself: ‘Is this the person we want to be?’, today’s podcast episode is for you. You can find our podcast Active and Connected Families wherever you listen to your podcasts, or simply click here!

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More about Damon Eddy

Damon Eddy has a passion for helping individuals find success in the most important areas of their life through a transformational coaching program/workshop called The Two Hour Turn Around. This unique program immediately moves individuals from Confusion to Clarity beginning to live their lives with Purpose and Passion. Damon Eddy is also a published author. 

His book, Walks with Mr. Smith, is an impactful parable consisting of Eight Life Lessons that if applied can be life-changing and is available on Amazon and other major sites. Damon has also been an award winning Realtor in Colorado for over 16 years and continues to help individuals buy, sell, and invest in real estate. He is also an experienced real estate investor himself and understands the importance of a real estate transaction whether it is a first home purchase or another investment.

Damon has been married to his wife, Julie for over 26 years. They have four wonderful children, Liam, Jace, Brok, and Hope. Both Damon and his wife graduated from Boise State University as D1. Athletes.

You can learn more about Damon and his program on his website.

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