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Active & Connected Family Therapy, expanding from its Virginia roots, offers nationwide compassionate mental health support, emphasizing enduring connections and personalized care.

Begin a transformative journey tailored to your unique life stages and challenges. Whether navigating the complexities of young adulthood, parenthood, or later life transitions, find solace and strength in therapy that addresses your specific needs. From managing trauma and grief to overcoming mood disorders, anxiety, and relationship difficulties, you’re not alone. With therapy focused on your personal goals, values, and even hobbies, you’ll discover a path to healing that’s as individual as you are. Here, the journey to a more aligned, fulfilled life awaits, supported by a blend of professional expertise and genuine, empathic connection.

Embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing, guided by therapy that resonates with every stage of your life.

We provide therapy for individuals from their early and teenage years through the many stages of adulthood. Therapy is helpful for those struggling with life transitions (young adulthood, parenthood ), trauma, grief, parents in leadership, mood disorders and anxiety,  depression, disordered eating, relationship difficulties, or even living your life more closely aligned with your values.    

The relationship between a client and their therapist is central and essential to our therapeutic process, so we consider a variety of factors, including the client’s area of difficulty, goals, and even hobbies, when helping you find your therapist.

At A&C, our balance of expertise and relatability allows folks to feel more supported and helps them make the changes they hope and sometimes need to make in their lives.

Therapy for All Ages

Services for early teens to adults, covering all life stages.

Life Transitions

Support during key transitions like young adulthood and parenthood.

Diverse Challenges

Help with trauma, grief, mood disorders, anxiety, depression, and so much more.

Client-Therapist Relationship

Central to our approach, matching based on needs, goals, and interests.

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Navigate life's complexities with tailored therapy, designed to illuminate and resolve adult challenges.

Embarking on the journey of individual therapy can be a transformative experience for adults grappling with life’s complexities. Whether it’s recurring worries, undisclosed struggles, or the quest for deeper self-understanding, therapy offers a space for growth and clarity.

It’s not about losing control but rather gaining insight and developing strategies to enhance your everyday life. Tailored to fit seamlessly into your unique lifestyle, therapy provides a supportive and confidential environment where your feelings are heard and valued, guiding you towards positive change and a more fulfilling life.

Recurring Worries: Addressing persistent concerns that dominate your thoughts.

Understanding Emotions: Gaining insights into the reasons behind your feelings.

Managing Transitions: Navigating life changes with resilience and insight.

Enhancing Relationships: Improving interpersonal dynamics and connections.

Cultivating Self-Esteem: Building confidence and self-acceptance.

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Matching needs with expert care.

Fostering growth through connection.

Diverse, dynamic, real.

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Fostering growth through connection.

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