We all know that animals can have a profound impact on people’s lives. But did you know pets can even promote social and emotional growth in our kids? Children use being with their pets as a very consistent coping skill and as a way to manage their emotions.

I notice it myself in our family. Even just this week, when we came back from our holiday, there’s nothing my kids want to do more than spend time with our dogs. Honestly, it even feels like my family is a little more stable with them around. So naturally, as a parent, I started to wonder how and why this happens and how I can maximize the opportunities our pets bring into our homes.

Today, we have Christine Bowers on the show who is an expert when it comes to animal-assisted therapy. We’ll be talking about how to promote social and emotional development through our pets. Have a listen to learn how to be proactive with the pets in our families in order to help our kids grow and get the most out of the animals in our lives. 

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In this episode on how our pets promote social and emotional growth, we discuss:

  • The health benefits of being in the company of animals;
  • What the research shows on the effects pets and animals have on us;
  • How our kids use their pets to regulate their emotions;
  • Developing identity and building confidence with the help of our pets;
  • Why it’s important to involve our kids in the caretaking of our pets;
  • How our kids can reap the benefits of their pet even when it’s not always around;
  • And so much more!

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More about Christine Bowers, LMFT

Christine Bowers is a licensed marriage and family therapist in Charlottesville Virginia. She is the co-founder and executive director of Grazia Foundation. Christine is also the owner and clinical director of Skyline Family Therapy. She has extensive knowledge and experience working with children and teens who are considered high-risk due to concerns surrounding self-injury and suicide ideation. She also uses equine and other animal-assisted therapies to connect with children and teens who have had difficulty establishing relationships through traditional talk therapy. Christine’s main focus is to help children and their families learn how to function together in a way that is happier and healthier for all involved.

You can learn more about Grazia Foundation on their website, Instagram, or Facebook page.

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