About those meltdowns…

They are all related to Daylight Savings!  We’ve all seen ten memes about Daylight Savings and depression– here’s how its playing out in real time…

There are some FIGHTS about after school activities. Kids are exhausted, parents are exhausted, and going to practice in the dark is not congruent with how our bodies function.

No kid wants to get up. Ever.  There ARE some adults who appreciate that its light at 6:15 AM.

The hours in the dark a blur– and that starts at 3 PM. Every routine we laid down since summer is out the door and no one can manage themselves at the dinner table or bedtime.  That window when teens actually chat at the end of the night has either expanded or been totally missed.

In fact, this week was so bad for folks (and me!) that it made me wonder if we only have a mental health crisis from November to March.

Some action steps:

Give you and your kids some grace, patience, and sleep!

Lean into coziness! There are studies that highlight that people actually feel better when they give themselves permission to sit around and watch TV. Cozy family time is right in line with our bodies natural rhythms, so embrace it! (Yes, I have decorated for the Holidays. It’s my only way through).

Take out the messaging around, “What is wrong with my kid?” “What is wrong with my parenting?” “What is wrong with me?”  

It is Daylight Savings, ya’ll. A national pastime.  If you are struggling you are just like everyone else!