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Embarking on a journey to address the weight of depression requires a compassionate and understanding space, and at A&C Family Therapy, we stand ready to guide you through this challenging terrain. Depression is a complex and deeply personal experience, and our therapists, with their empathetic approach, acknowledge the unique nuances of your struggles. Whether your depression is rooted in life changes, traumatic experiences, or biochemical imbalances, our therapeutic services aim to provide a comforting space for you to express and explore your emotions. Through a collaborative process, we work to understand the intricacies of your depression, offering support, strategies, and a renewed sense of hope to help you navigate the path toward emotional well-being.

Compassionate Support for Depression

A&C Family Therapy offers a compassionate and understanding space to address the weight of depression.

Acknowledgment of Unique Struggles

Therapists, with their empathetic approach, acknowledge the unique nuances of each individual’s experience with depression.

Collaborative Process

Through a collaborative process, therapists work to understand the intricacies of depression, offering support, strategies, and a renewed sense of hope.

Guidance Toward Emotional Well-being

The goal is to help individuals navigate the path toward emotional well-being, fostering healing and resilience in the face of depression.

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Meet Naomi!

Hello! I am a resident in counseling and I specialize in working with tweens, teens, and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, emotional regulation, life transitions, and more. I believe that clients are more willing to try new coping skills and ways of understanding themselves and world when they have a genuine relationship with a thoughtful and supportive therapist. As such, I utilize a strengths-based and collaborative approach to helping people make important changes and ease some of their difficulties. I work to create a safe, open, and reflective space for clients to learn and grow.

I earned my BA in Psychology from the University of Virginia and MS in Counseling from Virginia Commonwealth University. I have experience working with adolescents and adults in community mental health, private practice, and in the hospital setting. I have a special interest in working with people of color. I am currently a Resident in Counseling under the supervision of Matt Browning, LPC.

I grew up in Springfield, VA and went to West Springfield High School. I like to spend time with my friends and family, travel, and occasionally binge watch TV. I provide walk-and-talk and face-to-face sessions at the Arlington/Alexandria office and provide teletherapy across the state of Virginia.

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