A&C Family Therapy worked with Matt at The Second Row to help with the rebrand from Virginia Family Therapy to Active and Connected Family Therapy. Matt was such a joy to work with and I am so glad he gave me the opportunity to talk about how he helped us! Read on!

When my daughter Tess asked me recently, ‘what do you do?’ I was inspired to collaborate with my friend Jason Frishman from the JourneyMen Foundation to write a blog post to explain how I do what I do.

After I posted it, I told my son Declan about his sisters’ question and why I wrote the post. He was curious and asked to read it. After finishing, he paused for a moment and asked me, ‘What DO you really do Dad…?’

To answer Declan’s question, in a slightly different way this time, I asked my friend Amanda Sovik-Johnston from Active & Connected Family Therapy to help me.

What was the scope of your project and why did you pick Matt and The Second Row?

Active & Connected Family Therapy worked with Matt to rebrand and rename our mental health company. We also worked with him to create and launch a new website. We picked Matt and his team because of his vision for the project, sense of humor, and his natural way with words. He is easy to work with, very thoughtful, and extremely creative.

When you think back about the project, what was special about the collaboration with The Second Row?

Matt understood the essence of our business. We worked with several marketing companies prior to Matt and his ability to capture our values, voice, and vision was exceptional by comparison.

How has it helped your business?

Matt helped us create a vision and mission that could take us from a small local business in Virginia to a company with worldwide reach and scale. With Matt by our side, we were able to see new possibilities, a range of opportunities and a clear path towards reaching our goals as a company and myself as an entrepreneur. We have helped two to three times as many families since working with Matt and we are so thankful for him and his work!

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