Addison Halverson, MFT, MS

Addison Halverson, MFT, MS

I am a resident in Marriage and Family Therapy and I specialize in working with children, teens, and their families. I work with children and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, ADHD, trauma, athletic pressure, and managing stress. I have a particular interest in helping families improve their relationships, including siblings, parent-child, co-parents, and step families. I also have experience working with adoption and foster care. If you are worried about your relationship with your child, their ability to cope with stress, emotional outbursts, risky behaviors, or following directions, I can help.

I am a former college softball player and understand the pressure and joy related to sports. I enjoy helping my athlete clients manage their time, expectations, and overall balance in order to perform in their sport as well as enjoy their life. I support teens and families through life-changing injuries and setbacks, both athletic and non-sports related. I am honored to join with families as they navigate life transitions and walk with them through the changes and challenges that happen in everyday life.

I am a Resident in Marriage and Family Therapy and practice under the license of Christine Bowers, LMFT. I earned my MS in Human Development (Marriage and Family Therapy) from Virginia Tech. Go Hokies!!

Away from the office you can find me watching sports, trying a new recipe, and spending time outside with my husband and Golden Retriever, Doug (named after the Disney movie, Up!)

Crozet - Clover Lawn, Teletherapy
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Children 0-5, Children 6-9, Children 10-12, Teens, Couples, Families