Today, we released one of those episodes that is full of gems of knowledge and truth bombs for ALL parents out there. My conversation with Waki Wynn, in which he shares some incredible parenting advice, is truly one of my favorite conversations ever.

We started our conversation with the intention to talk about raising athletes but immediately derailed for no other reason than that Waki was sharing such valuable insights that I just needed to dive deeper into! We talk about finding your community as a parent, helping our high school boys develop lifelong friendships that will serve them for the rest of their lives, allowing our kids to eventually have their own family that’s healthy and can move through sadness, grief and trauma together, and so much more!

“Who you give your ear to really has a tremendous amount of influence on how we do
and how we move about in the world.”
– Waki Wynn

This episode with Waki is so fully packed with invaluable insights that we decided to release it in two parts. You can have a listen to part one today and we’ll be back with the second part next week!

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In this episode with darn good parenting advice, we discuss:

  • How Waki was able to create such strong, life-long friendships;
  • How we’re influenced by the people we spend time with;
  • How your group of people defines your norms;
  • Helping our kids develop healthy norms;
  • Who’s influencing your child beyond the doors of your house? Who else has their ear?
  • And more!

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More about Waki Wynn

Waki is a father of successful young adults, podcast Host of Boys 2 Men podcast, Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach for Peabody School, Real Estate Agent at 1st Dominion Realty, and Board President of Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP). 

Waku is a native of Charlottesville, actively engaged in the act of community building in the city where his family has called home for generations. His passion to help kids become successful and help parents figure out how to support them comes back in all that he does.

  • As Athletic Director and Head Boys Basketball Coach for Peabody School for over 15 years, he feels privileged to engage with children and families daily. His more than 20-year service to families through youth sports comprises coaching Pop Warner football and AAU basketball to include coaching the number one 15-and-under USBA basketball team in the nation in 2009.
    Uplifting, acknowledging, and serving the community has taken many forms over the years to include co-founding and operating the African American Reflector Newspaper from 2002-2006.
  • Over 22 years of proven service helping hundreds of clients navigate the home buying experience. As a founding member of 1st Dominion Realty, established in 2002, as an independently operated residential and commercial sales, property management and real estate rental agency. They are focused on service; their reputation came about the old fashion way – through honesty and hard work.
    It’s rewarding to help a family find a home or assist a company getting a new office. Real estate may be their industry, but making connections and building relationships is what they really do. Waki specializes in serving first time home buyers.
  • Seven years of service and currently Board President of Albemarle Housing Improvement Program (AHIP). AHIP is ensuring families with limited resources can maintain a safe and comfortable home, hold on to their asset and preserve their dignity. They work year-round to provide emergency repairs, home rehabs, and energy-efficiency upgrades.

But his greatest achievement to date has been as a husband to my wife and a father to my sons.

You can connect with Waki on Instagram: @Waki_Wynn.

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