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This week we’re coming in hot with a legitimate timeline for how to get your kid ready for the new school year. Last week we shared our thoughts and predictions for the post-pandemic school year; this week, we’re translating all of that into actionable steps. 

Taking into account that every kid is different, handles situations differently, and has had their own personal experiences of life during the pandemic, we share how to find out how your kid is feeling about going back to school and how to prepare them while also letting them enjoy the summer. This year it’ll be a bit different than usual but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

“I will not have a single backpack ready for my children, but I will have talked to them
about all their anxiety and excitement for the school year because I sat down and did this. I’m thrilled.“
– Amanda Sovik-Johnston

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In this episode, we cover

  • How to get an idea of where your kid’s anxiety level is at and what signs to look out for,
  • What to do when your kid is losing their mind about going back to school,
  • Behind-the-scene steps to get them ready and anticipate on their anxiety,
  • What to talk to your kids about and what to model,
  • Things you might want to practice before going back to school, depending on their experiences the past year,
  • Getting back into the school routine.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

  • Are you or your kid dealing with anxiety and would you like to discuss it with a professional? We have a team of psychologists and psychiatrists who can help you out. Don’t hesitate to contact us here.
  • If you haven’t listened to our previous episode our thoughts and predictions about the upcoming school year, have a listen here.
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