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Witnessing your child navigate challenges like anxiety, depression, or ADHD can be tough, but therapists see themselves as dedicated members of your child’s team ready to support them. Approaches involve creative and child-centered methods, treating therapy as an opportunity for improvement, similar to a teacher or coach. Sessions are tailored to your child’s age and needs, ranging from play to creating behavioral expectations, fostering a comfortable and engaging atmosphere. With a commitment to partnering with parents, the focus is on enhancing your child’s overall emotional well-being. If you have questions about the process or are considering telehealth, the team has developed effective tools and tricks to ensure a seamless and supportive experience. If your child is older than 12, visit our teen page!

Active & Connected Family Therapy, expanding from its Virginia roots, offers nationwide compassionate mental health support, emphasizing enduring connections and personalized care.

Supportive space for your child’s emotional well-being  while they navigate and improve their struggles.

It is so hard to see your child struggle. Whether it is anxiety, depression, ADHD, or any other emotional difficulty, we are here to help.

Taking your child to therapy may feel intimidating, but it can actually be a relatively relaxed and heartwarming time. We see ourselves as a member of you and your child’s team and we hope to partner with you in helping them work through whatever is getting in their way as well as improve their overall emotional well-being. We usually tell kids we are similar to a teacher, or coach, and can help them improve areas of their emotional and family life where they may struggle.

Therapy will look different based on the age of your child and what they are working on. For most, therapists will start by meeting just with the parents, and then flow between working with the child, parent(s), and whole family. As child therapists, we get to be more creative in how we help people. Typical sessions may include playing games, planning bedtime routines, making feelings charts, creating behavioral expectations, taking a walk, or any other way we think we may reach your child. Please ask us any questions about our process!

Additionally, while telehealth can be more challenging with younger clients, our team has developed some tools and tricks to make it work.

Compassionate Support for Your Child

Seeing your child struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or other emotional challenges is hard and there is help.

Creative and Child-Centered Approaches

Therapy is tailored to the age and needs of your child, incorporating creative methods such as playing games, planning bedtime routines, making feelings charts, and more.

Partnership for Emotional Well-being

Aiming to partner with parents, therapists work alongside families to help children overcome obstacles and enhance their overall emotional well-being.

Flexible Therapy Sessions

Sessions may involve meeting with parents, working directly with the child, or engaging the whole family, creating a flexible and personalized approach.

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