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Embarking on the path of Marriage and Couples counseling signifies a courageous step towards the improvement of your relationship. If feelings of isolation, fear, or misunderstanding have taken root, or if issues like disagreements about parenting, finances, or trust have created a divide, you’ve arrived at a space where commitment to your partnership is honored and valued. Clinicians, far from being mere referees, stand as allies to both partners, focusing on empowering you to enhance communication, intimacy, and emotional connection. Whether initiated by one partner or both, the journey toward a healthier relationship is one that is navigated together, acknowledging that individual relationship work can be a powerful catalyst for positive change within the partnership.

Active & Connected Family Therapy, expanding from its Virginia roots, offers nationwide compassionate mental health support, emphasizing enduring connections and personalized care.

Improve your relationship, address conflicts and enhance communication and intimacy.

Marriage and Couples counseling is a type of therapy that helps those in intimate partnerships to recognize and resolve conflicts to improve their relationship. If you are seeking us out for this service you may identify with feeling isolated and lonely or scared, or that your partner doesn’t understand you. Fighting, disagreements about raising children, managing money, infidelity or substance abuse might be driving a wedge in between you and your partner. You have come to the right place, and you have made the first step in valuing your relationship. It takes a tremendous amount of courage.

Our clinicians focus on empowering both partners to improve communication skills, intimacy, connection, and sharing of emotional work that is needed to ensure a healthy relationship. Your clinician will not be a referee, but rather an ally to you and your partner. It is not uncommon for one partner to be the one to suggest counseling. Broaching the request for couples therapy with a partner can feel very difficult. In some instances, only one partner may be willing to attend therapy. That is absolutely okay, and individual relationship work can often benefit you within your relationship.

Empowering Partners for Relationship Improvement

Both partners are needed to enhance communication skills, intimacy, connection, and the sharing of emotional work crucial for a healthy relationship.

Clinician as an Ally, Not a Referee

The clinician’s role is not that of a referee but rather an ally to both partners, facilitating a collaborative and supportive environment.

First Step in Reconnecting

Seeking counseling reflects courage and a commitment to valuing your relationship, acknowledging the importance of addressing challenges.

Navigating Relationship Challenges

Seeking this service may stem from feelings of isolation, loneliness, fear, or a sense that your partner doesn’t understand you, with issues such as fighting, disagreements about parenting, financial management, infidelity, or substance abuse creating tension.

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