We’ve been waiting a long time to share today’s episode with you and we couldn’t be more excited! Dr. Samantha Sweeney is one of Amanda’s oldest friends and an expert on working with parents of anxious kids. She’s a psychologist, author, educator and has a private practice where she works with kids, families, and adults.

Together with Melissa Kilbride, Sam wrote the book ‘Working With Worry: A Workbook for Parents in How to Support Anxious Children’ and on today’s episode, she is sharing all about this must-have book and much, much more.

“In my own personal and professional life,
I don’t know that I know anybody who’s not anxious.”
– Dr. Samantha Sweeney

Tune in to hear Samantha’s amazing insights and new strategies to help kids manage their own feelings and her answers to burning questions like ‘Why do parents have so much power in their kids’ anxiety?’ And ‘What do you do when one parent is on board with doing the work, but the other isn’t?’.

More about Samantha Sweeney

Dr. Samantha Sweeney is a licensed psychologist, author, and educator in Washington, DC. She has a private practice on Capitol Hill serving kids, families, and adults. Additionally, she is a cultural competence expert dedicated to helping kids and parents develop this essential skill. Dr. Sweeney’s latest book, written with Melissa Kilbride LICSW, is Working With Worry, a workbook for parents to support their anxious child. It is full of recommendations, support, and accessible information about what anxiety looks like in children and how parents can reflect on their own experiences with anxiety. The various intervention activities that can be found in the book are organized by type of intervention, age, and area of interest, so you can always find the activity that suits you and your family best.
Dr. Sweeney deals with her own anxiety by getting outside, baking, and breaking out into spontaneous dance parties with her husband and two kids.

In this episode, we cover

  • Why parents have so much power in their kids’ anxiety;
  • What strategies Samantha suggests parents to use;
  • What to do when one parent is on board with doing the work, but the other one isn’t;
  • How parents and kids can use the book ‘Working With Worry’ together;
  • And much, much more.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

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