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Talking to your kid about your own drinking behavior often asks you to get very vulnerable as a parent. Being vulnerable is important for us too, and that’s exactly what we do in today’s episode. We have an open and vulnerable conversation about how to do exactly this: talking to your kid about adult drinking. 

Even as therapists who talk about these topics to clients on a regular basis, we know it’s different when it’s your own drinking behavior you have to address to your own kid. We know, we’ve been there. 

So, how do you explain that it’s just adults who drink? Should you use the scare-tactic? How do you address different kinds of drinking and at what age should you start the conversation? What to do when you do overdrink in front of your kid? And how do you talk to your kid if alcoholism runs in the family? Tune in to hear our thoughts on all of these questions.

“If it’s healthy drinking, it’s still important to explain to kids what’s okay about it
and why they can’t drink wine with you”
– Sarah Lewis

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In this episode, we cover

  • The importance of having a conversation with your child about adult drinking.
  • How to explain it’s just adults who drink
  • How to address different kinds of drinking.
  • How to age-appropriately talk to your child about adult drinking.
  • What to do when you overdrink in front of your kid.
  • How to talk to your kid if alcoholism runs in the family.

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

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