So, you aren’t a morning person—who is, really? (Not me!)

For most of us, a successful morning means hitting the snooze button three times instead of five. Since the days of Covid-19 and working-from-home, consistent routines have been even harder to come by. Reclaim your morning by enacting these simple mood-elevating and energy-boosting changes.


The Night Before

We’ve all heard that too much screen-time before bed gets in the way of a good night’s rest. But what about those morning phone sessions? You wake up, fumble for your phone, and start checking your email and scrolling through social media with one eye still closed! Not only is this a time-waster, it clogs your brain with viral videos, scary headlines, and a long list of To-Dos all before you’ve even brushed your teeth. Set yourself up for success by eliminating temptation. Instead of leaving it on the nightstand, I like to put my phone somewhere out of reach. That way, I spend the first few minutes of my day checking in with myself, rather than checking my phone.  



Speaking of checking in with yourself, you don’t have to be a professional writer or a sixteen-year-old with a secret diary to experience the benefits of daily journaling. Journaling is known to promote creativity and emotional awareness. Don’t know what to write about? Here are some positive prompts to inspire you:

  • What am I looking forward to today?
  • What am I grateful for and why?
  • What are my needs today and how can I make sure they are met?


Mindful Morning

Kick off the day with a five-minute meditation. There’s a treasure trove of free guided meditations online. To get you started, here is my personal favorite:



As much as I love my cup of joe, my body should be 60% water, not coffee. Good hydration enhances just about everything: mood, brain function, energy levels… Water before coffee—always!  


Breakfast of Champions

You know what they say: food is fuel. When I’m rushing out the door with a power bar or bruised banana in hand, it’s just that—fuel. But it can be so much more. Sprinkle some fresh blueberries on your instant oatmeal. Make time for that sunny-side up. Your body and soul will thank you, I promise!


Get Moving

When I see those 6 a.m. joggers making their rounds through the neighborhood, I think to myself: I could never do that! What I often forget is that a little goes a long way. Maybe you’re not ready to run a marathon every morning. So what? Science tells us that a leisurely 30-minute morning walk is guaranteed to increase energy levels, improve focus, and boost your mood. No time? Do some jumping jacks! Everything counts.


Tidy Room, Tidy Mind

It may seem small, but studies show that making your bed improves happiness and productivity. Don’t worry about neatly creased hospital corners. Just smooth out that duvet and give your grandmother’s quilt a quick fold before starting the day.


Finding the perfect morning routine is all about trial and error. A few of these changes will yield immediate results, but others will take time, and some just might not be for you. Be curious and always be kind to yourself!