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Pandemic-related grief, we’re all experiencing it in our own way. Today, Virginia Family Therapy’s very own Jesse Dice is on the Pod to tell us all about the how and why.

Why are we still grieving at this stage of the pandemic?

How is this grief impacting where we are today?

“Grief begs us to slow down and be with it. And it’s hard.”
– Jesse Dice

Pandemic-Related Grief

When the pandemic hit, as parents we first and foremost focussed on our kids and the very real and uncertain losses this was bringing to them. And as with most acute grief and loss, pandemic-related grief turned into acute anxiety for many of us. 

It’s easy to see the past 1,5-2 years as lost years, lost time, but we also gained so much during this time. And we’re not only talking about pounds and grey hairs here 😉

This brings us to the next question: We know all this… Then why are we still looking for anxiety-based solutions to make up for this ‘lost’ year?

Amanda picked Jesse’s brain on all of it in today’s episode.

More about Jesse Dice, LCSW

Jesse is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) at Virginia Family Therapy who specializes in working with late adolescents through older adults. He has particular expertise in working with individuals coping with anxiety, depression, trauma, adjusting to cancer, life-limiting illness, end-of-life concerns, and grief and loss. In addition to individual therapy, Jesse provides couples counseling for all stages of relationships to help with reducing conflict, improving trust, and teaching healthy communication.

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In this episode on pandemic-related grief we cover:

  • Why we’re still grieving at this stage of the pandemic.
  • How is this grief impacting both parents and kids in where we are today?
  • Why are we still looking for anxiety-based solutions to make up for our ‘lost’ year, even though we know better?
  • How grief is so much more than just sadness.
  • And so much more!

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