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It’s the holiday season! And that means that college kids are coming home for their long winter break. There will be excitement, there will be nervousness, even some anger probably. All the feels will come up for parents and kids alike.

It’s an age-old problem. It’s an exciting time, especially when it’s your first kid, coming home for the first time. But everyone who’s been through it knows how hard it is. Like re-entry always is.


Your kid comes home from college: what makes it so hard?

We like to see college as one big social experiment. During those first few months away, kids change a lot. They’ve had more freedom and responsibility than ever before and if they’ve managed to successfully juggle all of that, they’ll feel empowered because of it. So, when they come home and have to follow your rules again, it likely won’t sit well.

But your college kid is likely not the only one who had changed. Both parents and siblings will have adapted to your college kid being away.

We could look as a working family as a puzzle where every family member is a puzzle piece. They all match together and everyone knows how everyone works. When one person goes to college and changes, their piece changes. So when they come back home, their piece doesn’t fit in the puzzle anymore, causing tension and conflict.

“It’s going be hard and your kid can be healthy.
Both can be true at the same time” 

At the same time, it’s also a very exciting time! In today’s podcast episode, we provide tips and strategies to make this time run smoothly, and you’re able to find joy in it so you can honor the new adult coming back from college.

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In this episode on parenting strategies when kids come home from college, we cover:

  • Why it’s a hard time when kids are coming home from college (for the first time);
  • Tips & strategies to make this time run smoothly
  • Ways to find joy and honor your kid as the new adult it’s becoming.

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