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Today’s important topic is not only for moms to be, as many people might think. As we’re taking a deep dive into post partum anxiety and depression with Kayla Hayes, it becomes clear that the knowledge that’s being shared today is important for both moms and dads. Whether you plan on having a baby, your third child is on the way or you’re looking at your pregnancy retrospectively, today’s episode is for you.

We all agree that in our society, there’s not enough awareness around post partum anxiety, due to a lack of knowledge, and we’d love to see that change.  

“We’re not talking about this at the first prenatal visit, which we should be.”
– Kayla Hayes

A Deep Dive Into Post Partum Anxiety

What are the symptoms of post partum anxiety? When is it time to seek help? Did you know that one to five in seven women and one in ten men suffer from post partum anxiety? Maybe someone close to you is suffering from post patum anxiety and you’re wondering how you can help them. Today’s Podcast Therapists episode will help you out with these questions and many more.

Kayla tells us about the effects post partum anxiety can have on the baby and the partner. We discuss medicating during pregnancy, and the use of a perinatal plan to help you through the pregnancy and the first year after your baby is born.

In short, this is an episode full of information everyone should know about, whether it’s for yourself or someone close to you.

More about Kayla Hayes

Kayla Hayes is a Board Certified Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner who specializes in perinatal mental health. She utilizes an individualized, weight-neutral, and evidence-based approach to women’s mental healthcare. Currently, she’s working in a community-based primary care/ women’s health clinic that focuses on making healthcare accessible for all.  Additionally, she’s pursuing her doctorate of nursing practice at the Vanderbilt School of Nursing where she investigates the mental health impacts of weight stigma in women’s perinatal healthcare. 

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Active & Connected Family Therapy is a mental health practice serving individuals, families, and our community. Our practice is designed to help people at all stages and from all walks of life by offering therapists and physicians with diverse backgrounds and specialties via face-to-face, walk-and-talk, and telemedicine appointments. Throughout, we are committed to developing strengths-based, authentic, and long-lasting relationships with you and your children. We hope to provide you with the support and insight you need to help your family navigate life’s hard times and joys.

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In this episode we cover:

  • The symptoms of post-partum anxiety;
  • When it is time to seek help;
  • The prevalence of post-partum anxiety for both women and men;
  • How you can help someone who’s suffering from post-partum anxiety or depression;
  • The possible effects on the baby and partner;
  • Medicating during pregnancy;
  • How the use a perinatal plan can help you.

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