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What does it actually look like to raise a child, and especially a son, with ADHD? How do we parent them? 

Pediatrician, Dr. Carol Boersma, MD, is here to share her expertise around all of this. Last week, we talked about what ADHD looks like in girls and today we’re focussing more on boys and raising children with ADHD in general.

This can actually be a gift

Carol Boersma

If you’re raising a child with ADHD or you think your child might have ADHD, today’s episode is a must-listen for you. We discuss everything from working through guilt to the presence of anxiety and from managing expectations of parents to the school system. 

More about Carol Boersma, MD

Dr. Carol Boersma is a pediatrician in Charlottesville, Virginia working at Piedmont Pediatrics. As a pandemic project, she also got certified as a health & wellness coach & lifestyle coach. Outside of work, Carol likes to run, swim, knit, and is involved with her church and she’s also fluent in American Sign Language.

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Active & Connected Family Therapy is a mental health practice serving individuals, families, and our community. Our practice is designed to help people at all stages and from all walks of life by offering therapists and physicians with diverse backgrounds and specialties via face-to-face, walk-and-talk, and telemedicine appointments. Throughout, we are committed to developing strengths-based, authentic, and long-lasting relationships with you and your children. We hope to provide you with the support and insight you need to help your family navigate life’s hard times and joys.

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In this episode on raising kids with ADHD, we cover:

      • What diagnosis looks like in younger children & older ones;
      • What anxiety & ADHD looks like in boys;
      • What things clue Carol in the direction of ADHD before diagnosis;
      • Managing expectations from parents;
      • Talking guilt & shame;
      • How the school system isn’t set up for children with ADHD to thrive;
      • Sarah’s and Carol’s experiences with raising a child with ADHD;
      • and much more!

Resources and links mentioned in this episode

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      • You can find Carol’s profile at Piedmont Pediatrics here, or keep an eye out for her coaching business that’s coming up soon: The Coaching MD.
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      • Have you listened to last week’s episode about what ADHD looks like in girls?

Disclaimer: Please remember we are real live therapists, however this is a podcast and is not considered a therapy session. Not only because there is no co-pay but also because we can’t speak to your individual experiences. We are here to help you keep raising healthy kids. And remember, if you are an imperfect parent, we are right there with you. If you or someone you love is in immediate danger, please call your local crisis hotline or go to your nearest emergency room.

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