Halloween is almost here, which means that many parents’ minds are racing about the joy and sadness that the holidays can bring.  My sweet husband will attest that I think about holidays and traditions A LOT and here are some themes I’ve noticed coming up:

  • The pandemic made families celebrate in new ways… some families found new traditions that they love and others haven’t landed on what feels good yet.  This feeling can be exacerbated by the large shifts that Americans are experiencing around organized religion. This means that many parents are sad and anxious about the upcoming months- if this is you, you are not alone!  

I have encouraged parents to work through these feelings by acknowledging them, understanding that they are part of a larger societal shift (ie- this does not mean something bad about you or your family!), and then planning a new type of celebration that may feel good, like a holiday dinner, game night, or trip! 

  • Developing traditions around helping others is important for our communities and our own mental health .  Start thinking as families now about how you can contribute to the lives of people around you
  • Holiday traditions hold families together over time, as they connect the past to the present to the future.  My grandmother won’t make the Banana Pudding at Thanksgiving this year, but Wes and I will feel connected to her when we make her recipe for the first time! Inevitably, the holidays are about holding grief and joy together over many days this fall and winter.  They will both come up for you and the people around you– my hope is that you can feel connected with your loved ones as you experience these feelings together.


If the holidays feel heavy or hard to you, you are not alone. Connect with us today – we are ready to help you find connection and meaning.

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