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I have a confession to make. I’m feeling a bit midlife crisis-y and a little less engaged in and excited about things to do in my life. Having noticed this, I’m now leaning into trying out new things.

Together with my amazing podcast guest today I’m talking about the importance of trying new things in your 40s and reflecting on how doing so can really change our lives.

“I remind myself, I have done really hard things in the past
and I can usually do more than I expect of myself
and that’s what gives me the confidence to do that new thing”
– Amanda Sovik-Johnston

Karen Murray’s story is an incredible example of how trying something new in your 40s can change your life. She ran her first marathon at the age of 46. Now, ten years later, she’s run 314 of them! How amazing is that!?

“Take action. Stop thinking about it.
Once you take that action, that anxiety dissipates and goes away.”
– Karen Murray

I love how she talks about the pride she feels in her ability to accomplish something new and important every day. And most importantly, her story shows us that just a little bit of courage in taking a small step can truly make us happier and healthier and give our life meaning as we get older.

In this episode on trying new things in your 40s, we cover:

  • Why it’s so important to start something new in your 40s;
  • Karen’s story of how she did this and how it changed her life;
  • What inspired her to pick up running in her mid-40s;
  • How she had the courage to DO IT;
  • How having something new changed her life;
  • And more!

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More about Karen Murray

Karen Murray ran her first marathon at the age of 46 and added on 314 marathons more in the last ten years. It changed her life, she even met her husband through it, and she’s now the race director for the Charlottesville ten miler.

You can contact Karen Murray at

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