Guiding Children to Emotional Well-Being and Growth

Embarking on the therapeutic journey for your child, you’ll find a supportive and creative environment that views each young client as a unique individual.

Therapy is adaptable, child-focused, and akin to coaching, aimed at enhancing emotional and family life.

With a commitment to understanding and meeting each child’s needs, therapy sessions are designed to be engaging and varied, ensuring comfort and effectiveness while supporting your child’s growth and well-being.

Relaxed, heartwarming child therapy sessions.

Partners in improving child's emotional health.

Creative, tailored therapy for every age.

Dynamic sessions: games, walks, and more.

Innovative telehealth for younger clients.

Nurturing Young Minds Through Compassionate Therapy

It is so hard to see your child struggle. Whether it is anxiety, depression, ADHD, or any other emotional difficulty, we are here to help.

Taking your child to therapy may feel intimidating, but it can actually be a relatively relaxed and heartwarming time. We see ourselves as a member of you and your child’s team and we hope to partner with you in helping them work through whatever is getting in their way as well as improve their overall emotional well-being.

We usually tell kids we are similar to a teacher, or coach, and can help them improve areas of their emotional and family life where they may struggle.

Therapy will look different based on the age of your child and what they are working on. For most, therapists will start by meeting just with the parents, and then flow between working with the child, parent(s), and whole family. As child therapists, we get to be more creative in how we help people.

Typical sessions may include playing games, planning bedtime routines, making feelings charts, creating behavioral expectations, taking a walk, or any other way we think we may reach your child. Please ask us any questions about our process!

Additionally, while telehealth can be more challenging with younger clients, our team has developed some tools and tricks to make it work.

Fostering growth through connection.

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