Understanding and Addressing Teen Struggles Compassionately

Delving into family therapy is a journey of understanding, growth, and healing. It’s a collaborative process tailored to address the unique dynamics and challenges each family faces, from managing conflicts and transitions to strengthening bonds.

This holistic approach not only resolves immediate issues but also fosters long-term resilience and empathy within the family unit, ensuring every member’s well-being is nurtured.

Tailored teen therapy for emotional & social challenges.

Nurturing teen resilience in mental health struggles.

Flexible therapy: Solo or with family support.

Early intervention for healthier teen futures.

Custom care from mentorship to family healing.

Guiding Teens to Brighter Futures Through Empathetic Therapy.

It is so hard to see your teenager struggle. Whether it is anxiety, depression, ADHD, eating/body image concerns, or any other emotional difficulty, we are here to help. We see ourselves as a member of you and your child’s team and we hope to partner with you in helping them work through whatever is getting in their way as well as improve their overall emotional well-being.

Based on what your child and family needs, our roles range from more of a mentor/coach, a family therapist, or an insight-oriented or trauma-based therapist. We tell our clients we are able to help them improve in any areas of social, emotional, and/or family life where they may struggle.

Therapy will look different based on the age of your teenager and what they are working on. For most, therapists will use a combination of meeting with the teen and their parents together, working with the teen alone, and in-session check-ins with parents. Please ask us any questions about our process.  

You can find a therapist online by using our search tool and booking a session. You can also contact our Client Care Coordinators to find a personalized match.

With all these changes, it’s no wonder why they might feel like yelling one second and crying for no reason the next. Along with all the new things happening in their life, new stresses and worries also come up about family, friends, school, their bodies, and their futures.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that signs of mental health conditions often emerge during this developmental stage. About half of all people who experience a mental health condition in their lifetime begin experiencing symptoms before the age of 14. Unfortunately teens and their family members often do not notice them until several years later.

The challenge is determining whether certain behavior is normal/typical or a symptom of mental health. 

Fostering growth through connection.

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