The first two episodes of this series on raising boys were focussed on men’s mental health. Today we’re diving into the topic of why it is so hard for boys to talk about their feelings.

My guest today is Matt Browning, a Licensed Professional Counselor at Active & Connected Family Therapy and expert on the topic of raising boys. He shares his insightful knowledge about the biological underpinnings of boys’ difficulty talking about their emotions and the social influences that make it hard for boys to show their feelings. Matt shares some of his own stories of the feedback he got when he expressed his emotions growing up that will sound familiar to many, if not all, men in our culture.

One specific topic we dive deeper into is the importance of relationships. It takes relationships based on trust to help boys learn the skills and take the risks that are required in order for them to talk about their feelings.

I believe the world we live in today is ready for a change, which is very exciting for our boys. Come and have a listen to my conversation with Matt to learn more! You can find our podcast Active and Connected Families wherever you listen to your podcasts, or easily click the links below to listen:

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In this episode on why it’s hard for boys to talk about their feelings, we cover:

  • The biological reasons why boys experience difficulty talking about their emotions;
  • The social influences that make it hard for boys to talk about their feelings;
  • Relatable, personal stories of feedback Matt received when he expressed his emotions growing up;
  • The importance of developing relationships;
  • Useful sports references that will help your kids;
  • Sports heroes who talk about their emotions and show vulnerability on screen;
  • And more!

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More about Matt Browning, LPC

Matt is a Licensed Professional Counselor at Virginia Family Therapy with over 20 years of experience helping children, adolescents, and families. He specializes in working with clients struggling with anxiety, depression, trauma, substance abuse, anger management, stress management, and relational problems. If you or your children feel stuck, confused, frustrated, or even scared of therapy, you are not alone and Matt has worked with many families in your shoes.

Outside of work, Matt’s loves include trail running, paddle boarding, hiking with his wife and two daughters, and listening to his vinyl record collection. On Sundays in the Fall, you can usually catch him in the Living Room watching the NFL. Matt works out of the Pantops-Olympia Office.

Learn more about Matt here.

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