Alexandra Werntz, Ph.D

Alexandra Werntz, Ph.D

I’m a Licensed Clinical Psychologist and specialize in treating teens and young adults struggling with anxiety and related disorders. I also work with individuals and families struggling with PTSD, depression, grief, and coping with chronic or terminal illness. I work closely with clients to identify their strengths, and then help them harness these strengths to overcome obstacles in their way. I respect and celebrate diversity, and I am dedicated to ensuring that therapy is a good fit for my clients’ cultural background and identities. I also use treatments that have been tested through research, and work collaboratively with my clients to create a plan for their treatment.

I am a triple hoo, earning my bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate from the University of Virginia. I also work remotely as the Associate Director of the Center for Evidence-Based Mentoring at the University of Massachusetts Boston. I conduct research, mentor students, and teach; my work focuses on how folks without formal clinical training can support the mental health of young people through mentorship. Overall, my research and clinical work focus on promoting healthy youth development and thriving through adulthood.

When not working, my husband and I enjoy exploring local hiking trails and spending lots of time with our three (hairless) cats. I provide therapy on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings out of our Boar’s Head office and over teletherapy.

Charlottesville - Boar's Head, Teletherapy
Client Focus
Teens, Young Adults, Adults, Adults 65+