Alexandria Schenk, LPC

Alexandria Schenk, LPC

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor who specializes in working with adolescents, young adults, and families of all shapes and sizes. I have special interest in complex trauma, identity, sexuality, effective communication, respectful parenting, sensory regulation, pregnancy and postpartum, and blended families. I work from the lens of wellness for the whole person, incorporating mindfulness, and physical, mental, and emotional well-being, through the context of relationship and community. I believe growth and healing come from power held in the individual I am working with, and I aim to empower each person to access this from within themselves.

My goal is to provide safe space for clients to feel seen, heard, and empowered toward healing and resilience. I work with each individual based on their specific needs. This may look like utilizing mindfulness therapy to re-engage with your body, to find grounding or access stored trauma. It often includes in-depth processing of your experiences to work towards integrating your physical experience with your thoughts and emotions. Doing so can help you to better understand yourself and learn to effectively communicate your thoughts, needs, and feelings to those you are in relationship with. Some sessions may look very practical and task oriented, some may be more focused on processing and emotional experience. Sometimes you may just need someone to sit with you in the midst of difficulty. I utilize a holistic, healing-centered counseling approach, focusing on promoting emotional and psychological healing through a person-centered, trauma-informed, somatic lens.

I earned my dual Bachelors in Psychology and Studio Arts from the University of Colorado at Boulder, and my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary. I moved to Charlottesville with my husband in 2016 and since then have become a mother to three boys who continually encourage my growth and are full of joy and fun! I practice self-care through spending time with family, gardening, small scale farming, being outdoors and creating art.

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