Oak Reed, Ph.D.

Oak Reed, Ph.D.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist and specialize in working with teenagers and adults struggling with anxiety, depression, the adjustment to new medical diagnoses, athletic pressure, and gender and/or sexual identity development. I have been fortunate to work across diverse clinical settings, including outpatient mental health and university-based primary care clinics, community and university-based medical centers, and a variety of clinics within Veterans Health Administration. I strive to help my clients develop a healthy sense of identity and process the many challenges that life throws our way. My utmost focus is to create a safe and supportive therapeutic space so that the focus of therapy can be on promoting change, growth, and reflection. I work to consider the unique identities and backgrounds of each client, and I am committed to utilizing evidence-based practices that match each client’s needs.

In addition to clinical work, I have published both empirical and theoretical articles, book chapters, and book reviews on sexual and gender minority topics. I have also served on several diversity workgroups and actively speak at universities and health care settings to both national and international audiences about providing affirmative care. I openly welcome individuals, couples, and families that have any consultation questions or are seeking mental health care.

After growing up in Michigan and getting my bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Sociology at Central Michigan University, I headed out west to pursue my PhD in clinical psychology at the University of Montana in Missoula, Montana. I grew to appreciate the role nature and being active has on our mental health, and I actively use walk-and-talk therapy as a means to help people feel better. When not working, you can find me running the many hilly roads and trails of Charlottesville, trying new plant based recipes, or spending time with my dogs and wife. I work out of the Charlottesville-East office and also provide teletherapy across upward of 30 states as a PSYPACT licensed provider.

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