Abby Rodler, MSW

Abby Rodler, MSW

I am a supervisee in clinical social work under the supervision of Jodi Harris, LCSW. I specialize in working with children and preteens living with trauma, anxiety, ADHD, and undergoing life transitions. In my practice, I use play, sand tray, art, and cognitive behavioral therapies, and integrate mindfulness and humor as I build strong relationships with clients.

I empower clients to understand their emotions, advocate for their needs, and establish healthy relationships with themselves and others. I also provide behavioral management information and emotional support to client caregivers, with the goal of assisting the family system in creating dynamics fulfilling for all members. My experiences providing trauma therapy to children and preteens at ReadyKids in Charlottesville and case management to single female-identifying folks at the YWCA Madison in Wisconsin have heavily informed my approaches to providing strengths-based therapies rooted in client goals, identities, and values and assisting clients in navigating difficult and discriminatory systems.

I graduated from Washington University in St. Louis in the midst of COVID-19 shutdowns (January of 2021) with a Bachelor of Art in Psychology. I received my Masters in Social Work with a clinical focus from Virginia Commonwealth University in May of 2024. The summer following my Master’s program, I worked on a farm and meditation center in Maryland and spent time with kiddos as a nanny. Moving forward, I’ll continue to spend my free time in Charlottesville by hiking new trails, finding new bands, and re-watching my favorite movies with loved ones.

I provide face-to-face sessions ideal for play and sand tray therapy and integrate outdoors into walk and talk sessions at our Pantops location in Charlottesville. I also provide teletherapy for clients more comfortable working with me from home.

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