Krystal Frailey, MA

Krystal Frailey, MA

Welcome! I am a licensed Resident in Counseling in Virginia, supervised by Kathleen Van Allen, LPC. When an individual seeks help in the form of counseling, I believe it is crucial that they encounter a safe and compassionate environment. My goal is to meet clients where they are with warmth and connection. Whether I am helping clients navigate relationship wounds, digging into attachment, making room for personal growth, or processing the impact of trauma, I utilize evidence-based practices that promote person-centered and strength-focused approaches. I hope that clients leave the therapy experience with increased awareness and insight, new skills, and expanded knowledge about themselves, others and the world around them.

Since 2011, I have been dedicated to providing mental health services in Lynchburg and the surrounding counties. My experiences range from home and community-based mental health work to inpatient psychiatric support. I've managed a team of school-based clinicians and also worked in alternative school settings. I have been a Resident in Counseling since 2018 and have been privileged to collaborate with many wonderful licensed clinicians on my journey. I have a master's degree in Human Services: Marriage and Family Counseling and a second master’s degree in Licensed Professional Counseling.

On a personal level, music, theater, comedy, and creative outlets are a big part of my life. When I'm not spending time with friends, family, and all of my "nieces" and "nephews" I can be found reading a good book, working on a home renovation project, catching up on the latest social media trends so I can stay relevant with my younger clients (who am I kidding… I find it entertaining also), or just enjoying the great outdoors. Though I’m a northerner by birth, Virginia has been my home since 2010 and it’s been my honor to invest personally and professionally in this community.

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